Passes and Registration

Passes and Rates

Full Pass - 190€ / 165€*

Lindy Hop Pass -  165€ / 145€*

Solo Jazz Pass -  125€ / 110€*

Taster Pass -  115€ / 100€*

Party Pass - 75€ / 65€*

Beginner Pass -  90€ / 80€*

*Members of Donosti Lindy Hop Dantza eta Kultur Elkartea

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Levels - Lindy Hop


You started dancing a few months ago and do not yet have much experience on the social dance floor. You’re getting the gist of the basics, but are still new to the swing scene. If you want to take a further step into this world, join our festival! Enjoy Lindy Hop classes with our guest teachers and two parties with live swing music!! (Only with the Beginner Pass)

Level 1:

You know the basics of Lindy Hop, 6- and 8-count structures, and are able to use them to communicate with your partner relatively fluently. If you want to strengthen your basics and learn to make your dancing more fluent and more musical, this is your level. 

Level 2:

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for a couple of years at least; you go social dancing frequently and have visited some workshops and festivals. You feel comfortable swinging out at medium tempos and you may have begun to explore new rhythms and syncopation. You are also able to memorize new steps and simple choreographies. You have a solid connection and are able to adapt to different partners. If you want to further develop rhythmic variations and musicality, this is your level. 

Level 3:

You've been dancing for around 5 years. You’ve been to many workshops and festivals, and are capable of teaching basic Lindy Hop in your local scene. You enjoy rhythm, syncopation, and advanced musicality and they are very much a part of  your dancing. You go social dancing as often as you can and are well-known in your scene.

Level 4:

You’re crazy about Lindy Hop and attend festivals near and far whenever your have the chance. You practice often to keep improving. You are an experienced dancer able to participate in competitions or to teach Lindy Hop at the beginner and advanced levels. Your dancing is very fluent at high and low tempos and you can lead and follow. You’re a true social dancer and you inspire others with your dancing. You want to continue to learn and enjoy this dance. 

Levels - Solo Jazz

Level 1:

You don't have much experience in Solo Jazz dance, or you have taken some classes and you know some jazz vocabulary, but don't yet feel very confident learning new steps or routines. If you want to discover or go deeper in the dance and start working on your own style, this is your level.

Level 2:

You have solid experience in Jazz Steps. You know some popular routines like Tranky Doo or the Big Apple, and you feel comfortable learning new rhythmic variations; you are working on improvisation in a social context. If you want to further develop your musicality and expression, this is your level.