Your registration will be processed provided that you have read and accepted the conditions of the festival which are described below.  Be sure to tick the box when filling in your registration form.

Registration procedure… you've made up your mind: you're coming to Donosti Belle Swing Festival!

Fill in the registration form;  read and accept the conditions; click send. You will receive an automated reply that your registration  is being processed. This does not imply confirmation and no money is due at this time. 

As we want to offer the best quality in the classes in terms of numbers and leader/follower ratio we will need a few days to balance the applications. Once this is done, you will receive a personalised email confirming your place and giving details on how to make the payment within 5 calendar days.  If your payment is not received within that time, your place will be awarded to someone else. 

Please note that we are unable to give refunds for paid registrations.  In the event that you cannot attend the festival we suggest that you look for someone to buy your pass.  This person must have the same role as you and the same level if classes are included. To transfer the registration  you must inform us in writing as soon as possible (and definitely before October 27th, 2023) at this email address:

Please include the following information:

In the event that not all of the levels are filled we may have to reorganise the groups -  but we will always inform you of any changes and options well in advance. 

Great!  You have your pass, you’re in San Sebastian, and the festival is beginning.  Please bear the following in mind: