Main Teachers

Sakarias "The Champ" Larsson was born and raised in Frufällan, on the west side of Sweden. He watched jitterbug contests as a kid and there were some things with the music and the aesthetics of the dance that spoke to him and he decided to learn. One thing led to another and already at sixteen he started practice with The Rhythm Hot Shots. That was 20 years ago and he's been with the group ever since.

The amount of hours he's spent in the rehearsal studio is probably beyond sane. The recent past years he's focused on sharing what he knows with the younger generation of Harlem Hot Shots (now called Hot Shots). He finds motivation from his friends in the group, they keep him young. Sakarias is on a never ending world tour in the name of lindy hop with probably 1000s of shows, teaching gigs and competitions. He actually met and knew some of the original swing dancers of Harlem and he was good friends with Frankie Manning. The dancers from the Whitey's Lindy Hoppers are his true idols, but he also finds a lot of inspiration in modern day dancers.

Fatima is among the most important people in the revival of Lindy Hop and Swing Dances in Europe. Fatima, originally from Belgium, is a master of tap dancing. Ever since she began with it in the 1980’s, Fatima has been looking to the afro-american dancers of the 30’s and 40’s for their original style. She came in contact with the swing dance scene at Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden. Today, she is one of the driving forces of the camp and plays a big part in its organization. Fatima lives in Stockholm, where she has been a member of the Rhythm Hot Shots (today: Hot Shots) from the start. She is a co-founder of the Chicago Swing Dance studio. For many years, Fatima has been teaching Tap but also Authentic Jazz.

Frida started dancing in 2009 at Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm, and has been seen on the dance floor ever since. Her passion for jazz music has always been her main motivation, and when it comes to dancing as well as teaching she greatly values personal expression, rhythm and respect for the roots.

In 2015 she joined forces with the swing dance company Harlem Hot Shots (now called the Hotshots), and became a solid member in 2018.

Nils was born and raised in Mora, Dalarna. He's a country boy that moved to the big city to study the drums. True to the arts and always looking for ways to broaden his cultural horizon. That's how he came in contact with the lindy hop, wanting to try something new. He took his first class in 2009 at the Swedish Swing Society.

His interest in music shows in his dancing. Playing the drums growing up probably explains why he's a solid tap and rhythm dancer - strict with time and technique and always looking for perfection.

Mostly he studies and take inspiration from the footage of the vintage dancers. Frankie Manning and George Christopherson are two of the Lindy hoppers that inspire him the most.

Since 2016 he has been a member of the dance company Hot Shots.

Lizette started dancing very young and has tried a lot of different styles through out the years. In the end she always came back to swing dancing.

She is teaching locally in Stockholm at Chicago Swing Dance Studio during the weeks. She also travel abroad with her partner Patrik Pettersson and the dance troupe Harlem Hotshots (now called the Hotshots), where she's been a member since 2017. Her main inspirations comes from the amazing dancers in the Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and of course other great dancers starring in the Spirit Moves.

The roots and the authenticity are of great value to Lizette when it comes to her dancing and teaching.

Patrik is happiest on stage, which is obvious when you see his famous smile and surprising agility. It is impossible not to notice his love for all music that swings, as soon as he sets foot on the dancefloor.

He gets inspiration from the big dancers of the 30’s like Al Minns and Leon James, although he makes his moves his own. If you want to make him happy, just ask him for a dance!!


The Hot Shots are a group of Swedish dancers whose specialty is entertainment authentic to the Swing Era. With the deepest appreciation and passion for dance styles that originally derived from Harlem, their mission is to keep spreading knowledge and the tradition of swing dancing. Dances such as the lindy hop, charleston, jazz and tap make up the company’s repertoire which also includes acrobatics, singing and comedy.

The Hot Shots are artistic, professional and re-creative. All of the company’s activities are inspired by the ideals of the Swing Era, focusing on both faithful reconstructions just as original choreography with a framework that is true to the period. High energy, improvisation and tight rhythms.

No modernizing. No compromising. Instead, the music, dances and overall presentation all emanate directly from genuine sources, such as authentic material from old film clips as well as many meetings and collaborations with dancers and musicians who were active during the 1930s and 40s. No intermediaries or distortions. No superficial adaptations or transparent clichés. Simply pure swing.