Guest Teachers

Alba Steinlen & Javi Molina

Alba is from Donosti. She was already a dancer of other styles when she discovered Lindy Hop 10 years ago. She teaches at Spirit Valencia, contributing her ideas and energy to this project. Alba is also a historian, so she really enjoys researching books, records and videos. She admires and respects Swing Era dancers such as Marie Byant and Mable Lee, and loves Cab Calloway both as a musician and as a dancer.

Javi founded the Spirit Valencia Project nearly 20 years ago and is one of the people who introduced Swing dancing to Spain. Since then, he has been devoted to learning about and communicating the roots and values of this culture. He began dancing Acrobatic Rock and performing in national tours, so he loves aerials. Watching Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in Hellzapoppin excites and inspires him!

Isabel Jiménez & Jonathan Marx

Isabel has 10 years' experience in classical dance and 4 years' in dance pedagogy. When she discovered Lindy Hop, she found a way to dance that felt much more free, and in which discipline and technique were secondary. Isa sees Lindy Hop as a street dance, which is why she focuses more on the social aspects of the dance, respecting each person's unique way of expressing themselves. Her dancing is pure energy and rhythm, and is influenced by African dance.

Jonathan grew up with music and already as a teen he had a passion for jazz, even if his peers couldn't do anything with Art Tatum or Erroll Garner. Many years later he discovered by chance that there was a Lindy Hop scene in his student town. Couple dancing was very unfamiliar at first, but Jonathan quickly became an active social dancer, attending as many classes and parties as possible, and so it is still today.

Since 2017 he has been teaching mainly in Saarbrücken, but also in Trier and Metz (France). In 2020 he quit his HR job to attend osteopathy school and dedicate more time to swing dance. What he loves about swing dance is the freedom in movement, the musicality, the communication and shared moments with the partner, living in the moment, the warmth in the communities and of course the good parties.

Roser Ros & Marcos León

Roser is from Barcelona and, although she is now known internationally as a Lindy Hop teacher, she spent 14 years of her life as a schoolteacher (she studied teacher training and pedagogy). She says that her experience as a teacher has given her valuable tools to make the teaching-learning process easier and more effective.

Ever since she was a child she has enjoyed activities like rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, and was even joined the circus for a time. She has received training in different dances, among these Modern Jazz. In 2011 she discovered Lindy Hop and was hooked. Six years later she made it her profession. She left her job as a teacher to devote herself entirely to Lindy Hop, training for competitions (having won around 20 prizes) and preparing content for her classes. Since then, she has taught at the best festivals in Europe, as well as in Japan, Taiwan and Canada.

Marcos currently lives in Zaragoza and teaches Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Tap at Cotton Swing.

He started out as a ballroom dancer, but then discovered Lindy Hop and fell in love with Jazz, its roots and its culture. Ever since then he decided to devote himself to it full time. For 5 years he trained in Classical and Contemporary Dance, while also learning a bit of the various dancing styles derived from Jazz music: 20s Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Boogie Woggie...His main focus, however, has been on Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Tap.

Marco has 6 years' experience teaching both regular classes and intensive courses. He strives to learn more about the culture that gave rise to these dances, in order to find his own voice through dance and rhythm, and to help his students find theirs.